Located less than an hour from Portland Oregon, Ainsworth State Park is one of the most popular Oregon campgrounds. If you plan on getting an RV rental from Southern Oregon RV Rentals, check out Ainsworth State Park as part of your RVing journey. There are many different activities available at Ainsworth State Park, making it the perfect choice for the avid camper.

Ainsworth State Park has over forty full-service campsites available. Whether you want to rough it or enjoy some of the campground’s amenities, you’ll find the perfect site at this park. Hiking on the trails at Ainsworth State Park will give you great views of the mountains, waterfalls, and other scenic treasures. There are also interpretive programs at the campground’s amphitheater, which many find entertaining. Campsites are first-come, first-serve, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

If you’re ready for your trip to Ainsworth State Park, reserve your trailer rental with Southern Oregon RV Rentals. Whether you want to picnic or hike the trails at Ainsworth State Park, our RV rentals will ensure you have someplace comfortable to come home to after a long day. Contact us at (541) 471-4436 to reserve your RV rental today!

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